Mother Earth’s Gift

What do we mean by your honeypot ladies? Mother Earth has given us many gifts in the form of plants and plant medicine. There is one that is coming more and more into the mainstream. One that has been misunderstood, clouded in shame and as a result so many people are missing out on its benefits.  It’s time we learn the truth about this special plant, how it works and have safe spaces to ask questions, learn and understand the power of this plant.
We live in a stressed out world, people are suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, low libido, and nature has created relief for us. We are deficient -and this plant can help us come back into balance.

We see Mother Earth’s gift as Feminine, and we are committed to helping clear the clouds of shame that have surrounded her, and raise her up and speak and share her with others because she can help us relax, let go, open our hearts, open our spiritual connection, enhance our sex lives and so much more.

We know many people are curious and may be afraid to step into a dispensary or talk to a friend because of the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds this special plant, so we have created safe spaces, we call it our HONEYCOMB where you can come and learn about the plant and ask questions in a space with other women also learning.

We are here to help you understand and receive Mother Earth’s Gift.