“Our lady” Notre dame in France was recently engulfed in flames. This landmark, this institution, that holds so much power was burning. People were in shock, sadness, and despair. When I heard about it , for some reason my soul smiled…and my soul said me, Emunah, This is a blessing….its time and part of the changing of the guard.Its time we move out of the patriarchy and come to union , honoring the feminine and masculine again.

This was a clear sign that the patriarchy was falling. I was sad for those who mourned, and happy the tides are changing to a more balanced place.

Bees have always represented the divine feminine to me , they are messengers to spirit and symbols of the divine feminine. Just like the feminine, Bees have been feared, because we have not understood them or their power.

Well the most amazing thing happened… There were over 200,000 bees living on the roof of Notre Dame, and would you know…NOT ONE OF THEM perished in the flames, rather they rise… She RISES, The Feminine Rises….And yes Notre Dame will be rebuilt , but built this time from balance and honor for all….. Bye Bye Patriarchy … Hello Union

To me this symbolized the feminine will not be destroyed, she lives….Lets celebrate her and The Bees. Its time we understood the Magic

Read more about this here https://www.thedailybeast.com/notre-dame-200000-bees-survived-fire?fbclid=IwAR1r5ydFL6l5dnaHw28pUcYmxNP12t9xLfXO-LQh_cMlrsnqrt1slte5q-g