The Honeypot Shop

As support for our classes and teachings, BeeSexy360 has sourced and created some of the most amazing support tools and products. From luxurious bath bombs and balms infused with CBD to products specifically designed to give the same special care to your honeypot as you do to your face and body including our luxurious honeypot lubricant.

Most of our products will be available online soon, but we are especially excited to have a few special ones available for you right now….

The BeeInspired Daily Inspirational Deck for Women.

Each day, you’ll ask your feminine, your honeypot… what do you need? what message do you have for me? And as you focus your intention, you will draw a card.

The deck is hand-crafted and assembled with love. Each of the 22 cards contains words of inspiration for you and your “honeypot” coupled with a beautiful original sketch to accompany it. Inspired, designed and developed for you by us, there is no other deck on the market that focuses specifically on your “honeypot” and what she may need to help you use her (your power source) to create space, birth ideas, gain insight and bee awakened spiritually and sexually.

For a limited time, you can get a 23rd card in your deck that is personalized to you. As we focus on you and listen, the words come and the image appears… JUST FOR YOU with your name and a personal message and sketch.

Make focusing on your “feminine” and your female power source part of your daily habits to BeeInspired.

Deck, $25 with personalized card +$25 (introductory price)
PLUS… Free Shipping!

Just Deck or Personalization?

BeeMindful – Digital Audio Files

for your honeypot-focused personal meditation time

The Garden Meditation


Mary Magdalena Meditation