The Queen Bees

Emunah Malinovitz has studied love, sex and how to have passionate relationships for over 22 years. She is committed to helping people truly have the relationships of their dreams, this includes having the best sex of their lives. She is Teacher, healer, intuitive channel, Priestess and Spiritual guide. She leads Spiritual epic adventures around the world, and helps couples and singles who are ready to attract the love of their life. Her proven methods have turned marriages around and brought what she calls WholeMates together to have Sacred Love that lasts! She has immersed herself in the divine feminine and is a teacher, Priestess, healer, and devotee to the Goddess. She is a leader that leads from heart and soul. Emunah is a gatekeeper of sacred sex, female orgasm and is committed to create safe spaces for women and men to open to their true power. She is an advocate and lover of plant medicine, an expert on sexuality and female orgasm, and the creator of the Honeypot Meditation (TM).

She co- created Bee Sexy 360 with Shonna Jordan, to create events, products and services that serve the divine feminine in all ways. BeeSexy360 is the daughter she always knew she was going to have…except for many years she believed it had to be a human…. ha.. But she now knows that Her Daughter is this business, and caring for her and bringing this message to all women is the legacy she wants to leave (realizing through this mission- she can reach many more women)


Shonna Jordan is the president of Jordan & Jordan Marketing, a North County San Diego-based agency providing marketing expertise, expert marketing material development and marketing campaign strategy and implementation to business owners, entrepreneurs and independent agents striving to make the most of their marketing investment with a professional image and the right marketing strategies.

Formerly a corporate marketing director, Shonna recognized the need to bring the marketing tools and polished image of large corporations to small businesses… what she didn’t realize was all that time in corporate she was primarily functioning in her masculine energy. Not until she co-founded (and now owns) the women’s networking organization, Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections, did she come to understand the importance of the feminine and balancing your energies. And this awakening she credits to Emunah who she originally met at one of the GOGs meetings.

After an ETR (Energy Transfer Reset) session with Emunah, her life changed. With her expertise in marketing and her own experience in discovering and reclaiming her own feminine, it was a natural fit and divine calling to stand up with Emunah, partner and be “mom #2” to this beautiful child that is BeeSexy360.