For ages upon ages, burning sage (also called smudging) has been a ritual of many people
in various cultures to clear negative energy around and in both themselves and their space.
Any sage smudge stick will work for your own personal clearing ceremony,
but ours comes with a special story, energy, power and love.

“I love to cook,” says one of the Queen Bees of BeeSexy360, Shonna, “and the recipe I was planning called for fresh sage. I went to the farmer’s market in the hopes of getting a sage plant.” Unable to find an actual plant, Shonna opted for fresh organic sage that had already been trimmed from a plant. The dish she prepared, Parmesan Crusted Chicken in a Sage Butter Sauce, turned out great, and she had sage left over. “I wasn’t sure when I would use it again,” she said, “so I put the remaining sprigs in a glass of water on my counter.” A few days later, she noticed ROOTS growing from the sprig! Freshening the water each day for a week, she watched as the roots grew longer and stronger… and then she potted it.

“I wasn’t sure if it would ‘take’,” she remembered, “I didn’t know if it would actually grow now that it was in soil.” After a few more weeks, the sage had grown… enough for her to plant it outside in her little raised garden at her condo. And then it took off! She let it grow and go to flower and then to seed several times, pruning it in between each growth. And then after partnering with Emunah in their new endeavor and discussing the process by which they would conduct their feminine power awakening events, called “Honeycombs”, they both agreed that a clearing should be part of the agenda as their intent is to clear away the dark clouds that have hidden female sexuality, the goddess plant Mother Earth gave us and more topics that have held a stigma that needs to be cleared. Shonna looked over at her beautiful, full, tall, lovely sage plant and knew what she would do.

In the sweetness, honor and love of her own female power, she tenderly harvested the stems of leaves and flowers of the plant being careful to thank the plant each time she made a cut. She laid out the bundles and added some rosemary and thyme to some. Others she felt guided to just leave as is. Using some natural twine, she gently wrapped and bound each of the bundles while asking blessings on the bundles and on those that would use it for their own clearing ritual.

Shonna glanced up to the heavens and smiled as she said, “It was such a joyous March afternoon right after Spring Equinox. There was a light breeze blowing and the fragrance in the air was simply amazing.” She carried the bundles inside and rigged up a chain for them to hang to dry in the kitchen window above her sink. She allowed them 3 weeks to dry and then prepared and tagged them for sale as one of the first product offerings of the new business.

There are only 2 bundles left and the next harvest and drying will be a few weeks away. And then we’ll all have to wait for the plant to grow more before any more can be procured from it.

No, the hand-crafted, love-infused smudge sticks are not $20 each. They are not even $10 each. We’re letting this first batch go to good homes for just $5 each. Just $5 for a piece of history that, used properly, will last for months and months and bring joy, light and love to you and your home as it helps you to remove any negative energies around it.