Your Honeypot

What do we mean by your honeypot ladies? You know that magical place between your legs that can create the most amazing pleasure and birth life… yeah, That’s the one 😉 . Other names for this sacred place – vagina, yoni, pussy, down there, or maybe you have a special name for yours?

Anyhow, the honeypot is our place of power, pleasure and our connection to the divine… I know you may not have heard her spoken of before in this way, but It is TIME… it is time we understood her, and cleared ourselves of the shame and stories we have around her. It’s time our honeypot take the stage and show us how to live a turned on, juicy life.

Every woman has a honeypot and we have learned many things we can’t wait to share with you about how to care for her, how to awaken all the pleasure in her, how to keep lubricated during the changes of a woman’s life, and even how to get message from her…. Yes that’s right and We can’t wait to teach you the HONEY POT Meditation (TM).

Ladies. Your honey pot is yours. She is a source of power, pleasure and can even be your Oracle.. Yes, I said it ( and its true) . We want to help you get in real connection with her and see for yourself. She has wisdom for you .
Learn more through our Honeycomb events, and Honeypot meditation class, and Our Bee Inspired Cards – that help you get daily messages from your honeypot …….and stay tuned for more.

We teach women to open their honeypot and get the juices flowing in safe, sacred space- reclaiming this power- ITS TIME

Learn more through our Honeycomb Events and The Honeypot Meditation Class.